Lionell Dixon is a book author and motivational speaker from South Jersey. He was born the oldest of three raised by his mother Caroline. Besides growing up and having to battle tough kids in his neighborhood he also shared battles with obesity into his adulthood. Even as the odds were set again him, he focused investing positive energy which lead him to achieving an inspirational 150 pound weight loss transformation. To date his life story has ignited a strong passion for helping others lost without hope to come out of the shadows and find enough courage to seek and achieve their dreams. His positive message and success story has marked tremendous impact on lives by the thousands across the world thus far. Since his transformation he has competed in a few bodybuilding competitions with hope of being a positive example to all others aspiring to achieve the body of their dreams. Today Lionell, also know as Lonnie Fresh is a book author and motivational speaker. His first book out entitled “Out of the Shadows” was released in 2016 followed by his cookbook "The 150 Fresh System".  He also has collaborated as a co-author of "20 Beautiful Men" which is set to release this year in 2017. Lionell believes that one must conquer the mind in order to finally bet set free of mental self-enslavement. So far he has been featured on 6 ABC with Philadelphia’s Ali Gorman, Real Health Magazine, Healthy Black Men Magazine, the Press of Atlantic City, Men’s Health Magazine as well as a feature film with Men's Fitness Magazine in New York City.


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"Out of the Shadows" From my table to yours 

From my table to your: Here are some of my favorite recipes that I personally created along side my wife, and ate during my weight loss transformation. Today I still incorporate these very recipes to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I learned that transforming my life would take more than just losing weight. It would entail having healthy eating habits to enhance what I'd be doing physically. The is my first volume and truly hope that you and your family will enjoy every delicious selection as you'll be creating new memories. I also encourage you to get a copy of my book "Out of the Shadows" the Lionell Dixon Story. I assure that what I have to offer will absolutely change your life. 

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"Out of the Shadows" The Lionell Dixon Story

The story of "Out of the Shadows" the Lionell Dixon story, accentuates the sheer courage to soar above the pain of his childhood; being abandoned by his father in the rain, gaining over 200 lbs., topping off at 315lbs., in addition suffered from bulimia and homeless almost ended his life with an accidental overdose. His heroic path will inspire readers to look for the silver lining in every storm and never settle for less than you're worth. Lonnie loses half of his body weight and entered numerous championship bodybuilding competitions after weighing in at 150 lbs. His amazing journey is hysterical, but real. A must read for any teenager in crisis. Also, to every parent, there is a message that shouldn't be overlooked, your children need you!

List Price: $22.95

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20 Beautiful Men

Take a load off and enjoy reading through a therapedic journey of 20 beautiful and engaging real life stories written by 20 courageous men. Despite adversity, these gentlemen demonstrate persevering through tough times while managing to achieve success thereafter. Among 20 of the beautiful contributing authors, Lionell Dixon also appears as one of the contributing authors. He opens up and shares his inspiring story with a purpose of touching your heart. 20 Beautiful Men will leave you inspired, empowered and confident to know that you too have the ability to conquer your fears in route of achieving success in your life. 


Coming July 2017....


Be sure to pick up the latest copy of Men's Health Magazine. Years ago this very idea went up on my "Vision Board" and today I'm proud to have a feature in June's issue. It's my great encouragement to remind YOU, that it CAN BE DONE!!!


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Once you’re connected with your God-given ability of writing your own life story, you’ll then begin to realize your capability of doing some really extraordinary things.
— Lionell Dixon